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Metaphor of cruelty. The death penalty from the Marquis de Beccaria to the present

UCLM. Basin. 2017.

Editors: Luis Arroyo Zapatero, Adán Nieto and Rafael Estrada.

Cercando a los ejecutores

Closing in on executing countries: compliance with the death penalty

The European Union is a territory free of the death penalty and, in recent years, it has adopted a series of measures to eradicate the death penalty in the world by developing regulations that prohibit the manufacture and export of used drugs in the EU. for lethal injection as a way to carry out the death penalty. By Marta Muñoz de Morales.

Resolucion NNUU 2020

Commentary on the 2020 United Nations Resolution for the moratorium on the death penalty

Comment on the United Nations Resolution of December 16, 2020 for the moratorium on the death penalty, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly. By Antonio Muñoz Aunión.


Brief overview of the death penalty in Ecuador

Journey towards the abolition of the death penalty in Ecuador and the current attempts to recover this penalty. By María Lorena Arrobo Fernández.

PAblo Ibar 2

Spaniards on death row: the case of Pablo Ibar. Second part

Repetition of Pablo Ibar's trial, arguments of the defense and prosecution, controversial evidence and the jury's decision to sentence him to life imprisonment, not reaching the necessary unanimity for the death penalty. Narrated by Luis Miguel Vioque Galiana.

PAblo Ibar 1

Spaniards on death row: the case of Pablo Ibar. First part

First part of the podcast about the crimes of Miramar and its investigation, accusations of Pablo Ibar and Seth Peñalver, first trials that end up condemning the death penalty and subsequent annulment of the sentences by the Florida Supreme Court. Narrated by Luis Miguel Vioque Galiana

Despedida Heinz

Farewell to Professor Christof Heinz

In memory of Professor Christof Heinz, former member of the United Nations Human Rights Committee and Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial executions between 2010 and 2016, who died on March 28, 2021. By Antonio Muñoz Aunión.